Meet AllyRetina.

A next-generation alliance of community retina practices shaking up the status quo because you deserve more from your GPO.

  •  More transparency.
  •  More investment.
  •  More advocacy.
  •  More advantage.

Don’t just join a GPO.
Gain an ally.

Community built. Community strong.

AllyRetina unites community-based retina practices to give you a competitive edge.

We understand the critical role that independent retina practices play, enabling patients to get care where they live and adopting specialty therapeutics to improve their outcomes. You need an ally on your side that empowers you to strengthen your bottom line, gain efficiencies, and grow your business.

That’s why we’re working together with retina practices to build a new physician class of trade GPO from the ground up. Retina physicians guide our strategy and make sure we’re addressing our members’ real needs. Our only incentives are ensuring our members achieve their goals. We're an open book in how we do business. We’re nimble and innovative. And, we’re making an ongoing investment in our members' success.

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The AllyRetina Advantage
  • Supercharge your purchasing power
  • Amplify your voice with industry partners
  • Explore new revenue opportunities
  • Free up your time to focus on your patients

The AllyRetina Advantage

We have the people, partnership, tools, and technology that sets your practice up for higher productivity and profits.

Our People

Concierge support always at your service

Count on us to provide highly responsive, personalized customer service to help you optimize your contract performance. Your dedicated account manager has the time, resources, and expertise to tailor advice specific to your retina practice’s unique and evolving needs. With AllyRetina you always feel like a VIP – a very important practice.

Top-notch, seasoned leadership and advisors guide decisions

AllyRetina’s leadership has expertise leading GPOs in specialty care, managing the supply chain, and partnering with biopharma. The strategic input and investment guidance from retina specialists is also integral to AllyRetina’s savvy, strength, and future. Our Board of Directors’ financial and industry acumen brings broad insights, keeps us accountable to our mission, and ensures AllyRetina has the funds and resources to achieve our goals.

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Our Partnerships

BioCare SD - our exclusively specialty distribution partner

For more than 40 years, specialty distribution has been BioCareSD’s core business. Their strategically located, nationwide network of distribution centers specialize in delivering urgent orders with accuracy. Like us, BioCareSD is known for extremely agile capabilities and unparalleled customer service. They stand side by side with community providers to improve product access, increase supply chain efficiency, and offer pricing and terms that deliver real cost advantage.

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Strong relationships with biopharmaceutical companies

AllyGPO nurtures links between our members and pharmaceutical and biotech companies to give you a complete range of contract opportunities for your retina biologics and to guarantee that patients remain everyone’s top priority. We help biopharmaceutical companies understand your access and reimbursement challenges. And, we and provide real-world insights about adopting new therapies and biosimilars to drive the best results for their products in the community retina clinic setting.

More solutions that can benefit your practice

We’re collaborating with members to build a curated marketplace of products and services that Retina practices rely on to run their business. We’re exploring solutions – from revenue cycle and electronic prior authorization services to equipment suppliers and staffing – that can help you save on costs while continuing to deliver the highest quality care.


Our Innovative Tools & Technology

Work Smarter with AllyIQ - Your practice’s intelligence center

Our intuitive web- and app-based portal is a simple, all-in-one source to manage the financial and operational activities related to your specialty therapeutics. On-demand reporting at your fingertips and actionable analytics across the siloes of your practice eliminate guesswork. AllyIQ gives you the visibility to dispense with confidence, enhance your bottom line, and make informed decisions to future-proof your practice.

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Education and best practices for effective patient treatment

AllyRetina online and in-person forums enrich our community. Connect and learn from fellow members. Stay up to date on regulatory changes, biosimilar trends, and pharmacoeconomics that are most likely to impact your practice and patients. We also work with biopharmaceutical companies to deliver targeted clinical education and promotional communications for effective use of their therapeutics in your retina patients.

New revenue opportunity exploration

Our innovation isn’t only about delivering your practice superior technology. We also have ongoing investigations with experts on ways to bring new revenue streams to your retina practice. AllyRetina is collaborating with industry experts to evaluate sources of additional profitability such as de-identified data sharing, sponsorships, and more.

Unleash the power of community retina care.

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